What Does the Kid Say – My Hilarious Parody of…

Everyone know the crazy viral “What Does the Fox Say” video? You know, the one with that super catchy tune that gets stuck in your head day after day after (after day after day!!!!!) until it becomes the soundtrack of your life? Well, after it dominated my thoughts for days, I decided there should be a version of the song for parents. There’s a version for farmers. There’s a version for socks. There needed to be a version for moms. So I roped my kids and husband and dear friends into doing it with me. I recorded the song into my computer while hiding in my closet. I duct taped up a mic and used panty hose and a wire hanger as a pop shield. My husband and I edited on our computer after the kids were down for the night. And if I do say so myself, it’s pretty darn funny. Watch and enjoy!

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  1. Tina Andersen says

    WOW! My husband works with yours and just forwarded this video to me! Amazing! This is 100% my life too! I haven’t peed alone in 7 yrs! This is going to make you famous for sure!
    And your description of your 3 yr old is my 4 yr old. Taking him longer then most to outgrown this phase:)

    Sharing this on my fb page right now!!!

  2. Taliesin says

    Fantastic video… :) I give it another week and you’ll be all over the news and an interview on one of the morning shows… Great job putting the video together… with ti’s all too true content… :)

  3. Maria says

    For sure you will be on the Ellen show :) and other ones as well…
    I’m sure every parent can relate to this video! :)

    Awesome job putting it together! Just shared on my Facebook page :)

  4. says

    Saw this on reddit and it made me laugh so hard (what do you want?) I posted it on my facebook. Already have 2 re-shares. I was laughing from the first swiped chip but at the peeing alone part I lost it completely. My favorite is the “you have my smile”. Great job!

  5. Diana in Vegas says

    Hilariousness and TRUTH! I just shared this with my oldest daughter who is married with 3 boys. All 4 of my kids are grown and moved away. Now I get to re-live the glory days vicariously through her :)

  6. Kelly says

    Someone posted your vid on a forum I belong to. It is awesome, I posted it on my facebook. You did a great job,loooovveeee it.

  7. says

    Totally loved it! The time is 00:45 am now in Athens, Greece and I was laughing so loud while watching it, I woke up my youngest son… That did the trick… Bye bye laughter… Keep it up!

  8. sarah says

    Just saw this and it is SO my life! Made the mistake of reading all those comments on youtube. Seriously, those people suck. You’re awesome and your video was awesome. From one mom to another – find your own freaking shoes!!!

    • says

      I know, right? How am I in charge of EVERYTHING of yours? “Where’s my doll? Where’s my shoes? Where’s that teeny tiny toy that I got 3 years ago at Grandma’s house?????” I can barely keep track of my own darn stuff.

      Thanks for your support. The stuff on YouTube happened because the video got posted on a hate/bullying site so all these young men came on and said horrid things. C’est la vie!

  9. Tammy says

    Hey deva when I seen this video the other day on a friends page I had to share with Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today Show I believe you deserve so much more recognition… Merry Christmas

  10. lisa says

    A friend just showed this to me. Oh my goodness, you really hit it all on the nose, every line, and every phrase. You all did a great job!

  11. Steve says

    I found your video both hilarious and comforting. We have a three year old that does the same things. I’m going to share this with the guys at the fire station.

  12. says

    This just made me snort! I especially love that you’re making fun of the hush hush mommy stuff that none of the moms at the park will admit! We’ve ALL been there! Thanks for making me laugh about it! :)

  13. Amy says

    As I’m watching, and rupturing my internal organs with the force of my laughter, the video get to the “What’s on your face?” part of the video. In runs my son, drawn by the sound of laughter. Ironically, (or maybe not so much) his face is covered in something black. Probably chocolate. I’m dying here. Thank you for the best laugh I’ve had in years!

  14. Sandy Potter says

    This could not be more accurate… nor could it be funnier! Ellen should be calling you any minute now to be on her show! As a mom and grandmother, I can totally relate to your video. My four older kids are now adult, three of them with kids of their own, so I know they get it, too. I still have a 6-year-old at home, so it’s still going strong here. I even told the dog this morning to please leave the bathroom; I just wanted a minute of privacy. LOL

    • says

      Glad you like it, Sandy! And LOL about the dog. I saw an awesome picture on Facebook with a dog interrupting a mom going pee. I’ll find it and post it on my Facebook for you!

  15. Jen says

    Shared with my mom, grandmother, and all of my motherly friends! Just when we think no one else has to deal with this, we are reminded this is just how motherhood is! My girls were laughing, I asked them why they thought it was funny, this is how they make mom feel everyday! (of course they laughed more) Love it, thanks for reminding me I am not alone!

    • says

      Thanks so much for sharing it, Jen! I find it hilarious that kids like it! I think they just want a legit excuse to run around saying, “wipe my butt.” “What, Mom? I’m singing a song!”

  16. Cynthia says

    OMGosh!! That was soooooo funny!! Every mom can relate! Well, I’m a grandma now so my grown daughter and daughter-in-law can relate!!! hahahahahha

  17. Cynthia H says

    Shared this on Facebook…. so funny! I have three teen-age boys, but I remember oh-so-well these days! It always seemed that they would be fine- playing or watching a video- until I had to go to the bathroom. Then they would all follow me in there, needing something. Enjoy every minute of it…. I promise, it feels like yesterday that mine were 4, 2 & 1. They are now 19, 15 & 16. {And they eat A LOT more}

    Following your blog so I can get a good laugh every now & then.
    PS: loved the letter to your boobs. Been there, done that, living with sad boobs to this day.

    • says

      Thanks for sharing it, Cynthia! I am actually terrified of the teenage boy eating thing. I’ve been warned that you can’t keep food in the house!

  18. Alex says

    What Does The Fox Say is my favorite video and I sing this song at least once a day. I haven’t listened to any parodies but this is really great! I’m not a mom but i’m the oldest of 8 kids and I know exactly how it goes lol very creative good job :)

  19. Beth Bowers says

    I love this great job it is soooo right on I am thinking the same thing on everything you said everything my daughter says & does I am still giving you a high five laughing you hit the spot !!!!!!!!

  20. Janet says

    Oh my goodness! That cracks me up! I thought I was the only one that just wanted to pee alone!!!! Awesome job and so creative!!!!

  21. Danni says

    This is so stinkin funny. I HATE the original, won’t let it in my house due to its brain consuming nature. But this, this is a gem to be admired by all. Bravo mama.

  22. Sarah Card says

    Brilliant!!! Best laugh I’ve had in a while! The original didn’t really get stuck in my head but yours has. Love it.

  23. Deanna Burkett says

    I am a mama of two year old boy/girl twins and teenagers (a son that graduates this year and a 15 yr old daughter) and THIS IS MY LIFE (are you stalking me?)!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! “I just want to pee alone” is shouted in my house at LEAST once a day (sadly I am speaking of my teenagers here, sorry to put a damper on your high hopes that it goes away at a certain age. I have shared this on my Facebook and to my boss at Twiniversity.com…lol…I KNOW she is going to get a kick out of it as well!

    Thanks for the ridiculous laughter riot!


    • says

      Deanna, yes, I am stalking you … just kidding :) Please don’t tell me it doesn’t get any better with the peeing when they get older. This morning I was trying to go and both of my kids were just standing in the doorway staring at me. Is it really THAT fascinating?

      • Deanna Burkett says

        Well my favorite is the teenage “mom….mom….mom….mom….mama….mama….mama….” My reply…”WHAT for God sake?!!!” What is there to eat? Seriously? Surely it’s not that hard to figure out how to open a fridge or cabinet door and SEE FOR YOURSELF? This happens more often than you would think and they are nearly GROWN!

  24. says

    Funny stuff!! I had to check it out when an FB friend posted it and she got a response saying “I found it incredibly sad….I love my kids and enjoy them.” Etc….Ugh. Some people need to get off their high horses and get a sense of humor. Oy! Loved it! Will be sharing it on my FB page with my followers. :)

    • says

      It is sad … so sad you have to LAUGH! Of course we all love our kids more than life itself, but let’s admit it, parenting can be tough! Thanks for the support :)

  25. Nicki says

    I hate the fox song…it’s so annoying. But your mom version is absolutely amazing!!! It should be bigger than the original. You absolu NAILED how a mom feels! Thank you!!!

  26. Alex says

    My sister and I live together, with one son each (5 and 2 respectively) and this…This is the god-given truth, lol. And to be completely honest, sometimes, just to get my mother’s goat (even though I’m in my mid-20s) I pull some of this *shame*
    You made my day with the video! I’m definitely going to have to start following you! Hilarious, bloody hilarious!! A++


    • says

      Co-habitating with your sister and your kids sounds very cool! Love that! Glad you liked the video and so happy you’ll follow and join my madness :)

  27. Jennifer Meeks says

    Wow!! This is awesome! I am a brand new mom (7 week old) and really needed a laugh and this just made my day. I agree with everyone Ellen has got to be calling you soon!

    • says

      Oh!!! Huge congrats on the baby. Those first few weeks are amazing and exhausting and miraculous and poop-filled and hellish and perfect and terrible and awesome. Enjoy/hang in there!

  28. Liz says

    I just saw this on FB. We’re on day 5 of snow days home from school and your video was such a ray of sunshine for me!!! I was crying from laughing so hard. You really summed it up!

  29. Amy G says

    Oh my goodness!! I can so relate!! I used to have kids sitting in the doorway to talk to me.. I was told it was the one place they could have time alone with me… (lots of kids..)

  30. J says

    You should have be unbelievably grateful that you have have healthy kids that do what kids do…
    You are blessed. Don’t complain.

  31. Rachel says

    My son and I just watched this video. When we were done watching it he decided to go to the bathroom and he is singing, “What do kids say,” Waa Waa Waa Waa. Over and over, he gets done and looks at me and says, “Mommy will you wipe my butt”. I couldn’t stop laughing because this video is so true.
    My son is 4 years old

  32. says

    This totally makes the nightmare that is “What Does the Fox Say” worth it. Shared on Facebook and will make a lot of parents chortle tonight. :)

  33. Kathy says

    Well done! Loved it! So accurate! I had my 9 year old daughter watch it with me, she was laughing, but kept hitting my leg as I told her I could relate. :)

  34. Cate says

    Captured so well… particularly the end. A child’s radar for my trying to go to the bathroom alone is INFALLIBLE.

  35. Christina says

    This got shared on my FB wall and I watched immediately! So hilarious! Wondeful job putting it together! This is better than the original!!!!! Perfectly done!!!!!

  36. Shelby says

    I LOVE it!!!! This is my life playing out before me! Especially the wipe my butt thing! My youngest is 7 and still asks for help…just in case I cave this time.. I’m going to have them all watch it, and will probably get calls from the school when they start singing it there! haha!

  37. Julie says

    I am sorry. I get the sentiment here. Sure, I feel frustrations as a Mom. But, this video is so very disrespectful. :( Really… Brat, nightmare, spoiled and the Uncle doesn’t want them around?? That all seems a little extreme just for entertainment purposes. I often laugh at our parenting journey, but how about we keep it respectful. Yes, the peeing alone bit… I can so relate, but you make it sound like parenthood is just endless nagging from our children. Why not emphasis some of the joys as well. I was on day 4 of being snowed in with my kids and yes I am starting to pull my hair out due to bickering and such, but even with all of that… I still thought this was a bit extreme for a laugh.

  38. Amy says

    Hahaha, I love the bit about “finding shoes”, how do they lose a pair of shoes in less then 30 mins?! Lol I love it! and I can’t leave a room without the little one crawling after me, let alone peeing alone!

  39. says

    BRILLIANT!!! I’m sharing this on my biz FB page, kudos to you for having the creativity and bravery to do this!!! LOVE IT and really needed a laugh right now. Thank you, thank you!!!!

  40. Steve says

    Deva, your video was a family favorite. We are visiting our US family on a 6-week “vacation” from New Zealand. We only discovered the fox video a few weeks ago from our 2 children. Your version was just as great as the original. My wife loved your desire to pee alone. Is that so much to ask for? All we are saying is give pee a chance.
    Cheers to you.

  41. TinaN says

    Ironically I was hiding in the bathroom while watching this, now my kids are wanting to know what’s so funny! Loved it!

  42. Tiffani says

    now the tune is stuck in my head but after the crazy day i just had i need this! thank you so much for doing this video! <3

  43. Rosemary says

    Deva, I don’t have any kids of my own , but I do babysit and I can relate to this video , I can’t even even pee alone , seriously! lol … I go to the bathroom , next thing I know , knock on the door … “Rosemary , what are you doing?” “Rosemary , Kambria hit me” etc … I am thinking to myself , gee , can’t I pee in peace! lol ….. great job on the video , I love it! :)

  44. Diane says

    Oh this is awesome! I just had my step daughter and my 5yr old singing the damn Fox song the other night. I think the Fox song is dumb, but your version is sooo funny. Pee alone? It never happens…..and hiding in the bathroom……too funny. It’s all so real..thanks for this.

  45. Charryse says

    That was so funny. My kids were watching with me and trying to sing along. They were both squished next to me on the couch holding my arms. I so relate to all of your song. What a great video!

  46. Pat says

    My little grandson(5 yrs old ) loves Thats what the fox says.I can’t wait to show him this .Thanks sooooo funny.I remember all those days as a mom and now again as a grandmother.

  47. says

    CUTE!!! and AWE because I’m a grandma… VERY WELL done! I totally feel your pain! Just wait until they get into school and teen years…
    Then it’s
    “I need 2 doz cookies by tomorrow.”
    “I’ve invited 5 of my closest friends over Friday night for a sleepover, you said it was ok two months ago!”
    “You promised!” did I?
    “Where are my shoes!” Oh yeah, you covered that one.
    “Where are my car keys?”
    “You can’t afford the college I want!?”
    “Hey, mom… I’m going to be a dad.” yeah – that one was a shocker!

  48. Barbara says

    PLEASE send this to Live with Kelly & Michael. They did this on their Halloween show & I think they would love to see this version. AWESOME!!

  49. cam says

    This is wonderful…you are a true mom….it’s all worth it one day your kids will actually tell you how much they appreciate you and didn’t really hate you….well maybe a little then. Hope to see this on the ellen show!!!!

  50. Camie says

    So funny! I have 4 boys and I’m pregnant with a girl…wahoo! I’ll have 5 kids under 6 so I can totally relate to this video (2 are twins).

  51. Pam says

    This is greeeaaatttt!!!! I hope this finds its way to Ellen! Thank you for making this!!! This is definitely for the grandmas to that help with the grandbabies!

  52. Evan says

    This is hilarious! And well put together, too. My kids were watching (4 and 6) and they both jumped in to assure me that they don’t hate mom, they love mom!

    Question though, what software did you use to edit the audio/video? I’ve been trying to find something usable myself for similar projects, and haven’t had any luck yet..

  53. Amy says

    I just don’t understand why people have kids and then complain about them all the time. Stop having kids then!!! DUH!

    • says

      Amy, I think you are missing the point its a joke. Not a mom yet huh? I understand! I have 9 kids myself and love EVERY one of them but sure we all want to strangle them from time to time. I have a husband that I want to strangle sometimes too but I am not ready to give any of them away just yet! haha

    • says

      Thanks, Allison. Yes, we’re still in the wipe me stage but heading out of it soon I hope! Although my son tried yesterday and I will spare you the gory details but it wasn’t pretty!

  54. Kelly R says

    Okay you just knocked the Farmer out of First place in my books. Love it!! Cute kids too heck cute family!! Never realized peeing was such a spectator sport!! (Dad here) Don’t your pants get wet with that “form”?/ 😀
    Love your entire blog!!!

  55. Joanne P. says

    OMG, You are to be worshipped amoung mothers!! You are friggin hiilarious!! I just watched your yelvis video and nearly shot coffee out my nose, I was laughing so damn hard!! Brilliant! I cannot WAIT to see more of your videos. You have quite the Talent/gift!!
    Thank-you for sharing it with us!

  56. Patty says

    I love this so much. It makes you realize what parallel lives we all live and that all moms are kindred spirits. This was a great way to start my day and I’m sending it to every mom (and dad) I know!

    • says

      Yes, total parallel lives. That has been my favorite part of this whole experience, seeing how so many moms feel the same way. We all LOVE our life suckers, but let’s admit it, they can be tough. Thanks for sharing it, Patty!

  57. Carrie Taylor says

    Many viral videos don’t quite capture what you captured!! As I am watching this while I pee, my son is hovering over me and is wondering what is so funny!! You have just made my day, week, and year!! Definitely the BEST video ever!!

  58. Lauren says

    OMg hilarious!! You actually redeemed this song for me since I couldn’t ever tolerate the original. I love it now! Thanks for the sode splitting laughter, you have a gift!

  59. al says

    why is it you only post the positive feedback…this is kinda like being a nagging parent, it show the impatient society we live in, and wonder why children are killing children, parents can’t cope children learn from superiors actions…..this is a waste of space, dare you to post this, since you chose not to post my last post. hummmmm

  60. Christina says

    I don’t have any kids, but have a big family and a ton of nieces and nephews. Very funny! And for people complaining about this, lighten up!! The video was for fun, leave it at that!

  61. Linda strawn says

    I’m a grandma of 5 grand babies 2 boys 6, 8. 3 girls 17 and 13, and 4
    Here are some I use and would text.

    Tyfooyn . Take your finger out of your nose.
    Ydetb Yucky don’t eat that booger
    Ctwyb. Coming to wipe your butt
    Mcttput. Mommy’s comin time to pu toys
    Nctucyp. No candy till you clean your plate.
    Ddnlb. Dogs do not like broccoli
    Wftdb. Who fed the dog broccoli
    Yhysonwf. You have your shoes on the wrong foot
    Ygnpotts. You got nail polish on the toilet seat
    Ntwwae. No texting while we are eating
    Dddamd. Drama drama drama and more drama
    Disntatt. Damitt
    I said no texting at the table
    Tpifitt. Your phone is floating in the toilet
    Tmmu. Too much makeup
    Ppuyt. Please pick up your toys
    Iwicbte. I wish I could bottle their energy
    Tgmh. Thank God moms here
    Lgvbliwtlt. Love grand kids visits but glad but like it when they leave too
    OmGmhwhbac. Oh my God my house was hit by a cyclone.
    My favorite. Gag. Go ask grandpa

  62. Kelli says

    This is my two year olds favorite version of this song, cause “it’s sooo funny”. She even likes it better than the chipmunks and the annoying orange. As the mom of a 9 and 2 year old I have to say you nailed it!

      • Kelli says

        I just spent a good portion of my day reading your blog and Facebook stalking your mylifesuckers page and it makes me so happy to see that there are, in fact people out there who think like me. You are hilarious and I feel way better after reading these! I read some out loud to my husband and he laughed and asked “are you sure you didn’t write this? That sounds like things you say.” Lol I think I found my new favorite fb page and blog! I’m actually sad that I read everything and didn’t save any for tomorrow! Although it will save my phone from the beating it took today when my two year old saw me looking at it and I didn’t immediately play the “let it go” song from frozen for the 500th time. :)

  63. jakie says

    Halarious! Of course at the “I just want to pee alone” part my too boys heard it and came running to see what it was. I of course was laughing my guts out and I was in the bathroom! I just want to pee alone!!!

  64. Roxanne S says

    I just discovered your blog/videos and this is WONDERFUL. So insightful, thoughtful, articulate, entertaining and downright hilarious. Unfortunately, so true too. Thank you for helping us get through and making life better. Yep, you do that!

  65. Jessica says

    I giggled when I saw the muddy hands going to the wall because, having done videos of my daughter and knowing how well she responds to instructions, I could just imagine that despite stern instructions of not actually touching the walls them being touched all the same. =)

  66. Heather Merrill says

    Have you ever seen “What does The Fox Say?”.. That is the dumbest song/ video EVER!! and somehow the kids love it! This version is SO true, and funny at the same time..


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