Let It Go – Mom Parody (Video)

Like everyone else on the planet, I love “Let It Go.” And Idina Menzel. So I had to do my own mom-ified version.

The Let It Go chorus spoke to me on a whole different level. Once upon a time, I tried to be the perfect mom, with the perfect house and the perfect career and ended up being an exhausted, cranky, crazy woman. Now I think the only way to do this parenting thing, and do it right, is to Let It Go and do the best you can. Rock your muffin top in your messy house and laugh at the insanity of it all!

So TADA! Here it is! I hope you’ll laugh and enjoy as I screech my way through the song in my yoga pants.

Here are the lyrics if you’d like to sing along!

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  1. kristy says

    OMG that was soo great! I definetly make up my own songs all the time and sing them horribly at the top of my lungs all the time. My little boy finds it funny, but my oh so grown up ten yr old little girl says I’m so embarrassing!! Lmao
    Definetly shared this on my facebook! Wish I had the guts to share silly things like this, but I get camera shy.. Lol

  2. Kelli says

    Love. We are a family of music lovers and my husband is a musician so we often make up songs also. But never as awesome as yours! And all mine somehow end up to the tune of the wheels on the bus. My nine year old just made a great one about flushing her sister down the toilet. (We’ve been watching the poop song a lot lately cause we’re potty training). Your blogs make my days!! :)

  3. Heather says

    That is just awesome and so spot on! Had to share that one on my facebook page! Thanks for putting to song what all the rest of us feel like!!!!

  4. dir76 says

    Love it! I learned to let it go, and you know what? Life moves to fast to be worrying endlessly about having a perfectly clean living room! Kids are mostly grown, and I kinda have my house back so now I can “miss” some of the nuttiness of raising them.

    Keep it up, women need to learn to let it go!

  5. Anna Marie says

    Made me laugh and cry at the same time. My kids are 10, 8, 5, and 2…and I feel like this has been my life for the past 10 years. Thanks you are a genius :)

  6. crystal says

    oh, thank you! that was such a great laugh! I just kept thinking…some day you have time to sing & dance for you own entertainment?! woohoo! i definitely found A LOT to relate to!!
    alla momma’s wit saggy boobs hollllaaaa!!!

    • says

      Oh my gosh, I don’t know! My husband bought the painting in Ecuador 15 years ago for nothing from a street artist. It must be a knock off. There’s no signature.

  7. Liz P says

    I’m “Grandma” and that totally reflects my ‘once upon a time’ life as a young mum and my ‘now’ life as a helper-carer for my 3 year old Grand-daughter. There are still days when I walk past the pile of laundry, the dishes filling the sink, and the toys scattered across the sitting room. If it is warm and sunny then we can go out and ignore it from a distance!! (Mind you today is SUNNY but *C*O*L*D* (below -30 when you factor in the wind), so we’ll stay in and ignore it!

  8. Connie says

    This was great! Call me crazy, but this actually choked me up. My four babies are now all ten and over. Your video brought back a flood of memories. I can’t honestly say that I miss those days. But dang they went fast.

  9. Heather says

    You started my day out better than any day. Not only did you nail that, but it is my two year old boys favorite song and he sings it all the time. I will now always have a smile and chuckle when he does and think about how awesome life is. Thank you!

  10. says

    This is the funniest thing I have seen in quite some time. OMG! Hilarious. Do you have the lyrics written out anywhere? I love this! Hilarious! Off to share. Everywhere.

  11. Hillary says

    BAHAHAAHAHAHAAA!! Thanks! It was definitely one of those days for me and I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO needed this! Brilliant! Considered this shared on FB!!

  12. Kathy says


    I have been having a week of it al “Getting to me” and really needed a good laugh. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

  13. says

    This brought me to tears. I can feel the love, the acceptance, and the magnificence of the ordinary! Thank you for being it and making it extraordinary! You are a game-changer for the world!!! Namaste-

  14. ginandaboyz says

    I cannot tell you how bad I needed to see that this morning. Its the smile I needed after dealing with a “spirited” 3 year old and teething 7 month old. YOU ROCK!!!!

  15. Amy Bueno says

    Wow! That was brilliant! Congratulations on all your mommy success! Hopefully we will see you at the Fun Faire in Oct!

  16. Stacey says

    Oh my word- this has to be the BEST mom song ever!!! I had to send it to all my mommy friends- we have certainly all been there. The bathroom scene- priceless. This was awesome! Definitely summed up a day in the life of a mom! Great Job!!!!

  17. says

    I’ve been hearing about this for quite awhile and finally watched it. I’m glad I did. You are very talented and this was a great way to start my day!

    • says

      Hi Tonya- Just press play right above here! It is still on YouTube, it’s just Disney doesn’t want any of their parodies on mobile devices, were you on your phone by any chance? But it does work on my blog on mobile. It’s also on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/87793645

      I hope you like it!


      • DanniDontBlink says

        Just some FYI for you since YouTube deleted your version, but another person has recreated your song with a video of them and their kids and she’s singing your lyrics exactly. It still currently exists on YouTube.

        Just thought you should know.

  18. Deb says

    My kids keep asking me to play the “funny version” of Let It Go while we’re in the car. We all love it. You don’t happen to have an audio version I can put on my iPod, do you? Thanks for adding some wonderful humor to our day!!!

  19. Lulu says

    The only thing I disagree with is your comment about your abs!

    I’m not getting mine back, but you clearly have yours, sistah!

  20. Jennifer Shelton says

    Just watched this with my 4 year old. I laughed through it! She noticed you weren’t wearing a dress, but said it was a great song because that’s her favorite song. Really? Would’ve never guessed…

  21. Ruth Lyons Mazur says

    I watched the video tonight for the first time. My husband and 10 year old grandson came upstairs to ask me what was so funny. So, the three of us watched it together. Now they knew why I was laughing and laughed along with me. Three weeks ago I had both of my grandsons with me for five days – a 4 year old, Hayden, and Casey who is 10 years old. Casey has been spending weekends with me since he was 2 years old, but this was Hayden`s first visit. He never stopped talking for 5 days! If he said Grandma once, he said it 1,000 times. I can still hear him calling me:Grandma, I need food – Grandma, I have to go potty – Grandma, it`s not bedtime. It`s not dark yet – and on, and on and on! It took me days to recover! I know he`ll be back to stay overnight but I`ll need at least a weeks notice so I can rest up, get out my roller skates and get ready for my precious little monkey, Hayden! :)

  22. pearl says

    I love this video and..well..all of your videos! They are hilarious a very relatable! Was awesome meeting you at your book signing yesterday and I look forward to checking out more stuff on your blog. Congrats on the success and also thank you! I think a lot of fellow moms need this (along with an extra 10 min in the bathroom to eat cookies haha..wait what?)..take care!

  23. Jessica says

    Very cute. Thanks for having a realistically messy house too and not just scattering a few items around the place. And great song choice. “Let It Go” are probably the best three words to describe the only path to sanity as a parent. =)

    • says

      I totally agree. We have to let it go :) And my husband pointed out that the house was messy when we started shooting and I said, “leave it. it’s reality.” :)

  24. Stacie says

    I happened to run by your videos by chance and am I ever glad that I did. I just watched them all. I subscribed to your channel and keep the videos coming!! I love them. Makes me feel better that my house isnt spotless lol! Love all of your stuff, I have 2 lifesuckers! Both daughters. Messy, mouthy, beautiful, smart, funny, and amazing lifesuckers! Ages 6&9. I love that your videos are so true to what we really deal with! Keep up the great work!! I am definitely a fan!! Xoxo

    • says

      Hi Stacie! Thank you so much for the kind words!!! My kids are one year behind yours. Love that 3 year spread. And thanks so much for subscribing!

  25. April says

    As the mom of a 2 (almost 3) year old, “What Does My Kid Say” spoke to me!!!! It’s like a day in my life. Loved it!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!

  26. says

    Hi Deva,

    Here’d the french translation for your french viewers who cant understand everything.

    la veilleuse brille dans la pépinière ce soir
    Pas un caprice a l’horizon
    Mon salon est une porcherie
    Et je pense qu’il va falloir que je lave
    Mon enfant hurlait dehors comme une bête folle
    Je ne pouvais pas le calmer,
    Maintenant je suis cuite

    Ne les laisse pas rentrer, ne les laisse pas voir,
    Prend un moment pour toi même et pisse
    Fais vite, Tire pas la chasse, ou sinon ils sauront
    Super, maintenant ils savent !

    Laisse aller, laisse couler
    C’est possible de se laver a midi
    Laisse aller, laisse passer
    Un jour il utilisera une cuillère
    C ‘est l’heure de se coucher, c’est pas l’heure de jouer
    Laisse le caprice exploser,
    Les cris ne m’ont jamais dérangé.

    C’est marrant comme la distance fait d’eux des êtres mignons
    Et l’enfant qui m’agaçait, ne me dérange plus de tout
    C’est le moment de voir ce que je peux faire
    Quand mes mains ne sont pas recouvertes de leur caca
    Parler au téléphone, manger un repas chaud,
    Juste Maman

    Laisse aller, Laisse couler
    Mets un pantalon de yoga
    Laisse aller, laisse passer
    Personne ne te jettera de deuxième coup d’œil
    Ici je me tiens, les seins qui pendent et tout
    Laisse le caprice exploser

    Je peux plier mon linge et aider aux devoirs aussi
    Je peux préparer a manger, covoiturer et embrasser tes bobos
    Et une pensée cristalline mais qui ne durera pas
    Je ne retrouverai jamais mes abdos
    Le passé est dans le passé

    Laisse aller, laisse couler,
    Et puis quoi si on se lève a l’aube
    Laisse aller, laisse passer
    Les grasse mat’ sont finies
    Ici je me tiens, les seins qui pendent et tout
    Laisse le caprice exploser
    Les cris ne m’ont jamais dérangés


  27. Tammy Hunt says

    This has helped greatly with my Frozen Frustration…my girls have fallen in love with this new Youtube Channel, It’s elsa wearing normal clothes, and reading bedtime books that aren’t Frozen!!! Such a relief!!!


    Join Elsa as she reads bedtime stories to your kids from her bedroom in the palace of Arendale! A new book will be read and posted every monday and friday starting in January, and yes Elsa wears normal clothes, because no one would want to wear a gown 24/7 in real life! Sweet and quirky, these tales read by Elsa will easily capture your kids hearts :)

  28. ellie says

    Love it ur little boy is soooooooooooooo cute can I keep em, thank u 4 all the fantastic videos I’ve made keep it up ??!

  29. ellie says

    Love it!. Ur little boy is soooooooo cute, can I keep him . cutest boy ever!! Thank u for all of the amazing videos I’ve made Kristy love it bids keep it up !!!! Mean it ?? Can u do a video of your kids talking by their self and in real life r us kids naughty and do u had to wipe their butts it is so weird?!! But veryyyyy cute love you Kristy make loads more videos that would be fantastic if you did very wonderful of u if u did. If you don’t wanna do wat I said rthen don’t but it would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wonderful of you that would be a perfect gift from u to me thanks byeeee!!

  30. Elizabeth says

    So glad I looked around – this was amazing and so true. I swear I sing this to myself plenty and was waiting for someone to put together exactly what you did. You nailed it!

    I commented on the Taylor Swift one, probably sounding like an oversensitive mom, which I’m not actually. Wanted to let you know I’m being won over. :)

  31. min says

    Now I remember where I saw your blog before! It was this video that went viral on Facebook. Totally made my day! Will be sharing this with my daughter when she gets back from her class…


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