A Few Things …

There’s a lot I wanted to chat about today, so here I go!

  1. I did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and donated to the cause! It was … cold. Very cold. My kids were supposed to wait till I said, “GO!” Here’s a video of my for-a-good-cause misery. I had a teacher in school—a vibrant, amazing, magnificent teacher—who died of Lou Gehrig’s Disease. So Mrs. F, this is for you. And I now nominate the amazing bloggers Meredith of Bad Sandy, Ashley of Big Top Family and Abbey of Adventures in Woo Woo Land to take the plunge!
  2. I was interviewed by Examiner.com about my Back to School Mom Rap. Check it out and see what pop star I want to be when I grow up plus all kinds of inside scoop about the video.
  3. For my subscribers – I have a big, burning question I’ve been wanting to ask you all. Would you prefer to get one weekly summary email with all the posts for the week or an email every time I post? Or an option for either? Please comment below and let me know! And if you’re not a subscriber, subscribe today by adding your email address to the little box up top and clicking “subscribe.”
  4. THANK YOU for being here. I love sharing this crazy, amazing journey we call life with you all. xo, Deva



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