One Year Since I Let It Go

deva-dalporto-let-it-go-600A year ago I made my Let It Go – Mom Parody. When I heard the original song, it resonated with me on a pretty deep level. Yes, I just said a Disney song resonated with me on a deep level. I’m officially a mom.

I’ve always been really hard on myself. A perfectionist who expected the best of herself. Always. So when I became a mother and found that I couldn’t do everything—or really anything—perfectly, it was a huge thing for me. I felt like a failure. Why couldn’t I do this thing—this thing that is the most natural thing in the world—perfectly? [Read More…]

SOS-Still copy

SOS! Send Chocolate!

Click on the video to get me to shut up. AK! I feel trapped. Half insane. Going mad. I haven't felt fresh air on my face or spoken to anyone except for my family … [Read More...]


Suburban Funk Media Madness

It's been a crazy week over here in the Dalporto household. I woke up Monday morning to texts and messages from my mom and aunts telling me they saw our Suburban … [Read More...]