Deva Dalporto

Video: I Have a Dirty Little Secret

(And You Do Too)

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I have a confession. A deep, dark, dirty little secret. And you have the same one. Watch and find out what it is. xo, Deva PS- This video is a little saucy. You … [Read More...]


I F’d Up … Big Time

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I have mommy brain. I know I have mommy brain. But what my mommy brain did the other day is bad. BAD, BAD. Like I want to crawl under a rock and die, bad. … [Read More...]

42 Weeks Pregnant!

I Lied About My Baby Weight

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I gained 65 pounds when I was pregnant with my daughter. At the height of my pregnancy, I weighed more than my 6’3” brother and 20 pounds more than my husband. I’m a … [Read More...]


My Husband’s Hobby

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My husband loves playing guitar. It’s a hobby of his. And I’m all for encouraging his hobbies; his numerous hobbies, but … [Read More...]


9 Things Toddlers Get Away With That Would Send Adults to Prison

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Sure, toddlers are cute, but they pretty much get away with murder. If you did half the bad stuff they do, you'd be … [Read More...]

deva dalporto

My NickMom Video

Spring Break Ain’t a Break

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Get More: funny videos and explore all things funny, just for moms at NickMom OK, let's get real here. Spring break … [Read More...]


7 Ways Your Spring Break

is the Same as a College Girl’s

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A lot changes when you become a mom. And while you may think your spring break isn't going to be anything like the crazy … [Read More...]