Leave Renee Zellweger Alone

Photo Credit: TMZ http://bit.ly/1zjgU0P

Photo Credit: TMZ – http://bit.ly/1zjgU0P

Photos of Renee Zellweger are going around the Internet. She looks different in them. Very different. She looks like she’s possibly had some kind of plastic surgery. An eye lift maybe? Excessive Botox? Who knows and WHO CARES?

So her face looks different. Maybe even creepily different. But in all the hoopla people have forgotten one thing. It’s HER FACE. She can do what she wants to it. Do I wish she hadn’t done whatever it is she did? Sure. Do I want my daughter growing up in a world where women feel so pressured to stay young that they distort their faces? Of course not. But am I going to sit here and judge Renee Zellweger? No. Why? Because [Read More...]


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