It’s the Little Things

IMG_7882It’s the little things, like holding hands, my big hand folded over my child’s tiny one.

It’s the little things, like snuggling with my son at the end of a long day.

It’s the little things, like a hug from my daughter when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

It’s the little things that make parenting worth it.

Before I had kids, everyone told me how amazing it was. They told me it was, “the best thing that’s ever happened” to them. And then I had kids. And it was hard. And exhausting. And frustrating. And at moments so far from “the best thing that’s ever happened” that I wanted to scream and hand them back and un-do my motherhood status so desperately it made me weep.

But every time I felt like that, every time I felt like running away with a stockpile of Snickers bars to an undisclosed address in Timbuktu, a little thing happened. A kiss. A cuddle. A smile. And that little thing reminded me that no matter how hard it gets, no matter how many moments make me want to pull my hair out, the little things make parenting worth it. Because nothing in life is as precious, as perfect, as worth it, as the little things.

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