Maroon 5 – Sugar Parody – “Booger”

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Parenthood is filled with snot. And poop. And pee. And puke. But back to the snot …

My friend Jacquie was over celebrating her new job (yay Jacquie!). I had just put out my Mom: The Human Trash Can video, and we started chatting about how gross parenthood is. Then in one of her moments of brilliance, Jacquie suggested that I parody Maroon 5’s “Sugar” as “Booger.” And all I could think was, Ewwwww and then, YES!!!!!!

I wrote the lyrics, recorded the song in my closet as usual, invited over a bunch of kids and voila! Presenting our Maroon 5 parody, BOOGER! Enjoy. And don’t get too grossed out. Not *all* of the snot is real.

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Written, performed, edited and directed by Deva Dalporto
Concept + opening and closing lines by Jacquie Haggarty
Camera by Aaron Fagerstrom
Snot chemistry by Gabe Dalporto
Nose picking, dancing and general rocking out by the Haggarty, Gibbs, (other) Haggarty, Lund, Robison/Galler and Falasco families. You guys were AMAZING! And hats off as always to my amazing life suckers. I love you two more than anything on earth. Even if you do smear snot on my yoga pants ALL. DAY. LONG.


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